then > now

employees:  6 > 50

funding: $1.5MM > $7.5MM

revenue:  <$1MM > 2500% growth

clients:  15 > 250


Before meeting Tina, Splash was a small, 6 person startup based in Manhattan who had a single product - a check-in app.  With Tina's leadership and big brand perspective, Splash has grown to a 50 person company with a highly complex events management platform rivaling SalesForce and Eventbrite.   In only two short years, Tina has helped Splash go from a scrappy startup to an event platform leader that services the biggest companies in the world, including Facebook, Spotify, Red Bull, Coach, and the City of New York. 

Hear what partners have to say about working with Tina:



"Tina's insight as a client who signs and scales the best technology was an invaluable resource to us as a growing startup; with her, we were able to prioritize our product and vision to be what major enterprise clients would want.  That helped us focus our vision, build a competitively superior product, land big clients, and gain credibility and funding.  Tina was absolutely indispensable to help Splash become who we are today."      

                                                                                        - Ben Hindman, CEO and Co-Founder @ Splash


"Partnering with Tina was one of the best experiences Pro-Ject has had in working with a big brand.  As a brand innovator, she is a visionary who knows what she wants and how to make it happen while open to new ideas; as a leader she knows how to inspire teams to think big, challenge the status quo, and be excited to deliver their best work.  Having Tina guide your approach to win big client partnerships is invaluable as a small company!"                                                                                                       - Joe Lucchese, Founder and CEO @ Pro-Ject.Is




"Across all the clients I work with, I've never seen anyone scale innovation within a large organization as quickly and as effectively as Tina.  She really knows what it takes to get the biggest brands in the world to adopt technology, and she'll be able to coach you on exactly what you need to do to make that happen for yourself."    

                                                                                   - Greg Higgins, Vice President of Accounts @ Splash




"Tina is one of the founding members of the corporate innovation community and has shaped the way that corporations build an innovative culture and work with startups.  No one knows better what big brands are looking for from startups better than Tina, and she can really help a startup understand what they need to do in order to land those big game-changing contracts."     

                                                                            - Ruth Yomtoubian, Director of Innovation @ AT&T Foundry


“Unlike many startup advisors, Tina is unique because she buys innovation for a big brand!  She knows exactly what clients are looking for because she sources startups to sign huge partnerships with the biggest companies in the world.  I really know that what she says is what our target client wants, because she is one!"    

                                                                         - Michael Peroutka, Vice President - Head of Sales @ Bkstg  


"I had the pleasure of working closely with Tina when she spoke at the iMedia Brand Summit, February 2016. Tina is very professional, reliable, and was a fantastic speaker.  Her passion is very contagious!  She provided great insights on all of the innovative, creative, and "cool" things [she] is working on. She is keeping things SO fresh!  I admire Tina in many ways and I hope others get the honor to work with Tina one day."    

                                                           - Franchesca Nguyen, Marketing Manager @ iMedia Communications