Bootstrapped to Seed Startups

If you're experimenting with your product and pricing, defining your biz dev strategy, trying to land your first deals, and testing your targeting strategy, then these packages are best for you: 




Total Review Lightning Package

Big Brand 101

Pitch Review

Series A to B Startups

If you're beginning to routinize your sales process, solidifying your brand identity, customizing your message for different clients, leveraging past case studies to convert new clients, and scaling your sales teams, then these packages are best for you: 



Total Review Comprehensive Package

Big Brand 101

Pitch Review

Sales Strategy Workshop

Series C and Beyond

If you're making strategy updates, periodcally making substantive product roadmap updates, learning how to scale with clients, and scaling your sales and customer success teams, then these packages are best for you: 



Big Brand 101

Sales Strategy Workshop

Customer Success Workshop



A condensed hands-on work session providing an introductory overview of the most important topics you need to know about landing your target client:  Total Pitch Review, Big brand 101, Sales Strategy, and Customer Success Strategy. You will leave the workshop inspired and energized to think and act on the most effective areas your young company needs to succeed.   Based on formalized evaluation, you can choose to deep dive in specialized areas as you grow.  Half day session. 



The extended version of the Lightning package and going into more robust review of all key topics: Total Pitch Review, Big Brand 101, Sales Strategy, and Customer Success Strategy , and we can spend more time on the areas most beneficial to your company. Based on formalized evaluation, you can choose to deep dive in specialized areas as you grow.  Full day session. 




Big brand clients are extremely different from VCs;  we care about many different things and therefore you have to alter your pitch drastically.  In a formal in-person or virtual environment, deliver your pitch to me as though it's the real thing.  I will represent your target big brand client, asking the same tough questions that you should expect from them.  You'll be provided a thorough action plan to make your pitch, deck, and demo outstanding to land the deal.  Up to 3 hours. 



Big brands (corporations) are extremely complex.  Where things may seem straightforward to you, your target client is navigating a sea of bureaucracy, politics, and egos you thankfully never have to deal with!  Learn the ins and outs of corporate organizations and make it work to your advantage:  Who is the real decision maker and how do you most quickly identify her?  What does your client contact care about? Where are the big pockets of money, and when are those funds most available?  How do Big Brands evaluate startups?  Up to 3 hours.  



Your Sales team gives the very first impression of your company.  Make sure their time is spent wisely and they make the BEST first impression possible.  Learn how they should most effectively do their homework on a potential target client, position your company, negotiate the deal, where they should spend most of their time, and very tactical selling Dos and Donts.  Full day session. 



Your Customer Success team carries the company and is one of the main factors on whether or not your company will renew the deal.  It is CRITICAL that you train them properly, from the point of view of a big brand client they are servicing.  Learn how they can turn their client into an advocate, act and think like a peer (not a provider), nail the renewal, and very tactical account management Dos and Donts.  Full day session. 


*All the above packages come with an unlimited 1 week consulting follow up period. 




The most flexible service - email, call, text, FaceTime me any time for guidance on anything (pitch deck, final report, case study, proposal, random question, negotiation tips, etc) and get instant feedback.  



Prepping for a major pitch?  Have a major client project kicking off? If you need handholding for your startup's biggest opportunity yet, I will be there every step of the way to coach, give feedback, bounce ideas off of, practice in front of, and anything else you need.  Best value package; unlimited consulting for 30 days.